Consultant Program Information

We have designed a Business Opportunity for everyone! Whether you want a Party Plan program, you are a retailer, a recruiter, or just want to purchase candles at wholesale, we offer an enrollment option for each of Independent Consultants and a monthly option to fit any budget. We have no monthly quotas ~ you receive a 40% discount on all purchases and 40% commission on all online retail orders. Just pay your monthly membership fee as outlined below and you receive full benefits.
Our Monthly Options are:
Candle ComboTart CollectionWebsite Only
14 oz. Balsa Wood Candle
11 oz. Cascade Candle
4 oz. Room Spray
(2) 6-pack tart chunks
Personal Website
(3) 6-pack Tart Chunks in Fragrance of the Month
(8) 6-pack Tart Chunks in 4 other Fragrances
Personal Website
This option is for those who wish to purchase particular fragrances and products and still have a Personal Website for business building and affiliate sales.
$29.95 + shipping
$29.95 + shipping

Retail values of over $55 on product packages with websites!. All items will be the same fragrance except tart collection (as noted). Different fragrance every month.

What you get each month:
  • Your very own website  where you can recruit affiliates and earn 40% commissions on all sales!

  • You earn DOUBLE points (Commissions) on the monthly autoship (COTM or Website Only Options) of your team

  • An affiliate backoffice where you can track sales and team growth

  • An affiliate discussion board where you can network with other affiliates, learn helpful techniques for growing your business and retail sales, and gain access to downloads to help you grow your business.

  • Access to a 'Business Tools' website, for training, FAQ's, Fundraising Information, and other ways to help you grow your business.

  • With an affiliate program (unlike network marketing), you also have access to affiliate banners and special linking code that you can put on other websites to help you grow your business and sales volume

  • You get access to all this with your monthly autoship of only $29.95 plus shipping or your website only. There are NO monthly quotas - just pay your monthly membership for your COTM or Website only.

  • To Start - You have a choice of 'Business in a Box', 'Quick-Start' or 'Fast-Track' kit on your initial order.

  • Picture of business in a box: