Why Soy Candles!

Why Soy Candles? Many popular candles are made from paraffin wax. Paraffin is the leftover residue in gasoline refining. Yet... paraffin aromatherapy candles are presented to consumers as a health enhancing product.
Soy is clearly a better choice.... It only makes sense that the candles spas burn and sell should be truly healthy for the body and mind.

SoyLicious Candles offers several aromatherapy fragrances to indulge the senses and create a natural and attractive environmental touch to your spas atmosphere.

Added Features:
SoyLicious Candles are hand crafted with only the finest products.
100% Natural soy wax.
Clean burning, environmentally safe, biodegradable.
Cleans with soap and water.
Burns cooler and longer.
Made from renewable resources.
Made in the USA.

The Dangers of Paraffin Wax Candles.
  • Has been documented to contain 11 harmful carcinogens, 2 of which are toxic.
  • Produces problematic petrol soot emissions - has been considered as harmful as second hand tobacco smoke.
  • Paraffin candles are not biodegradable or water-soluble.
  • Burns hotter and faster than soy wax candles.
  • May potentially harm your health, pollutes your indoor air quality and our environment.
  • Many still contain lead wicks - CAUTION.